Movement Integrity can be thought of as the place where rehab meets performance.  We prepare those who were previously injured and support those who have yet to be injured.  Medicine and athletics has taught us that there are two statuses: injured or active.  You are either injured and sidelined while you heal or you are active and performing your activity of choice.  The problem with this is that there is a whole gray area in between that isn't addressed.  THAT is where Movement Integrity lies.  We link rehab with performance from both ends of the spectrum.  We continue to work with those who were injured to correct ALL of the problems that contributed to their injury and to make sure that there are NO compensations as a result of it.  We work with healthy and active individuals to remain that way by incorporating training programs that keep them safe and tackle movement issues BEFORE they become injuries.

​     We've created a niche at Movement Integrity that specializes in working with individuals with chronic pain or injuries. Many people have tried physical therapy, massage therapy, different modalities, and have had their doctor run all sorts of diagnostics just to be left without answers to their pain or injuries.  MI sees these clients with a different perspective. We look at how your body moves as a whole and how all of the parts are related. By addressing your WHOLE body we often find the root cause of the pain or injury, and rarely is it in the same place as the pain.

     At Movement Integrity our mission is to set the standards for movement quality.  We throw out the old concepts of fitness and rehabilitation to look at the body as a whole and not simply a series of parts.  We use the most updated research and science to build our training foundations, not fads or trends that come and go in training.  It's time to look to prevention as the primary means of quality of life.