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What would you be willing to do to stay healthy and perform your best?

​What would you be willing to do to live your life pain free?

Part of a team or club?

Ask about group rates for teams, clubs, or organizations!  Athletes and individuals who train together often have similar movement dysfunctions and can be trained together.

Who's using the FMS?

The FMS has has been used by the NFL for a number of years and has recently been added as a part of the NHL combine.  Click the picture above to learn move.

Who should get a Movement Screen?

Any active individual who wants to prevent pain, injuries, and dysfunction should have a movement screen done often to track progress.

     Movement is the foundation upon which our lives are built.  From the time humans are born their movements evolve and become perfected.  There is no advance in movement until the current stage is perfected.  Babies lay, then roll, then scoot, then crawl, then climb, then stand, then walk with a balance aid, then finally walk all on their own.  They earn each and every movement before attempting the next.  For some reason, once we can walk we begin to take movement for granted.  Movements begin to revolve around ease, preferences, and habits which lead to poor movement patterns.  Movement patterns that continue to degrade will eventually be made apparent with pain.  The key is to become aware of the problem before pain occurs and before permanent damage is done.  A simple biomechanical analysis, such as the movement screen, may catch poor movement patterns.

     Movement Integrity uses the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and sport specific movements for biomechanical analysis.  Someone with a trained eye can use this to help identify muscle imbalances, compensations, and limitations that may lead to injury and/or dysfunction.  The results of the analysis will determine whether the individual needs corrective exercise training to help prevent injury.

     At Movement Integrity our mission is to set the standards for movement quality.  We throw out the old concepts of fitness and rehabilitation to look at the body as a whole and not simply a series of parts.  It's time to look to prevention as the primary means of quality of life. 

Biomechanical Analysis for Injury Prevention

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