Consultation                                                                              $100

All clients begin with an initial consultation. During this session an movement analysis will be completed after a thorough history is taken. A unique action plan can then be created to address any movement dysfunctions. The consultation fee will be credited towards the first month of Corrective Exercise Programming. Virtual consultations via video chat are also available for clients who are not in close proximity. 

Monthly Corrective Exercise Programming                          $175

We understand that regular weekly appointments can be challenging to schedule, which is why we have attempted to make Corrective Exercise as easy as possible to commit to. Each month will include one in-person appointment. This allows for assessment of progress, progression or regressions of assigned exercises, and accountability. There will also be weekly virtual appointments via video chat, phone call, or email. These weekly check-ins will also allow for assessment of progress, exercise alterations, and accountability.

Private Sessions                                                                         $75 per additional session

One-on-one training allows for the instructor to adapt the training program to the client's wants and needs.  All private training clients will undergo a movement screen during their initial appointment.  This allows the instructor to gauge the client's needs and program their training accordingly. The workout program can also be adapted to address the client's personal goals (i.e. weight loss, toning, strengthening a specific muscle group, etc.). Private training also allows for the most flexibility with scheduling. Private sessions can be expected to run anywhere from 45-60 minutes.